Web Communications

So much of your communication with volunteers, partners, donors, and constituents happens online. Your website and social media channels are often the first place people look when learning more about your organization. With our experience in WordPress development, social media campaigns, and cross-platform integrations, we can help you build better relationships with your community right from the start.

Social media in particular should not be considered a standalone communications strategy; rather, social media can be platforms for your organization to communicate and reinforce your goals, mission and brand to your existing volunteer base and new constituents.

With experience in reviewing current social media best practices, to developing new social media campaigns customized for specific networks, to implementing updates and creating content, Social Change Consulting is primed to help your nonprofit improve your outreach and outcomes in using social media.

By defining your potential audience, structuring key messaging strategies, implementing calendars of communication, and capturing important and valuable metrics, we elevate your ability to build relationships, increase your audience, and further your overall marketing and communication goals through your web communications strategy.

For examples of our projects within WordPress, check out our work with Gender Spectrum and Literacy for Environmental Justice.