Data Management

Data management, collection, and analysis are critical to the success of any nonprofit campaign. The organization and effort to coordinate and process this data, however, is oftentimes not a priority for organizations strapped for resources.

True data organization starts by conceptualizing how you want to use your data, then setting up the instruments necessary to clearly and cohesively capture this information. This is especially true as it relates to defining communication terms and goals for your various messaging efforts.

Website and online communication should not happen in a vacuum – it must be analyzed, studied and assessed along with your other organizational strategies.

Social Change Consulting has years of data management, analysis, and expertise ranging different platforms and use cases. Whether you need assistance in organizing a Salesforce database, to processing Google Analytics information, to assessing email communication and social media efficacy rates, we can help you understand how the data you have at your fingertips can help make you more effective.