Questions to Consider When Segmenting Email Messages

Questions to Consider When Segmenting Email Messages

Questions to Consider When Segmenting Email Messages

Segmenting email messages is an important communication tool. If your organization can adjust content to be more specific to an audience you’ll be able to increase your open and action rates. Developing a plan for segmented messages begins before you write your email communication – it starts with your data management tool.

When developing segmented messages, it is critical that your data matches potential segments. Do you want to send an email to supporters that work in a particular industry? Are you accurately tracking that industry in your data management system? If not, how can you make adjustments before the communication plan begins?

Building accurate segments is important to constituent relationship management. Supporters can become frustrated if you segment poorly. If someone has signed up for an event, they may react poorly if they receive a message encouraging them to sign up.

Developing a plan for segments should also involve a cost-benefit analysis. If you don’t have the data for segments readily available, how much time will it take to develop them? Is the staff time worth with the potential benefit from the segment? These are questions to consider as you begin developing your communication plan.

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