Weekly Roundup – Instagram with Video and Nonprofits

Weekly Roundup – Instagram with Video and Nonprofits

Instagram (and parent company Facebook) made waves on Thursday when they announced that they added a video function. The platform will give users the ability to record 15 seconds videos with many of the features that Instagram already has and will be a direct competitor with Vine.

Social videos are the latest social media tool that nonprofits can utilize to help spread their message. Videos can be used to highlight an organization’s mission, promote fundraising, and thank volunteers. Short clips are an easy way to capture a user’s attention and further engage their interest with your organization. The expected quality of the video isn’t high, so nonprofits can make them in-house as a way to share their story, highlight volunteers, or amuse their supporters.

The greatest advantage that Instagram has in the social video space is that they already have 130 million active monthly users. Vine, the leading social video platform, has 13 million users. Having Facebook as a parent company will also be helpful for Instagram. Facebook will integrate Instragram Video into their platform with over one billion users.

Instagram has several features that help separate them from their peers. The most obvious feature is the filters that helped fuel Instagram’s early growth. In addition, Instagram with Video will also allow you edit clips, use focusing and image stabilization tools, and choose a frame that will be your cover frame.

While #RIPVine was trending topic on Twitter, don’t assume that Vine is done. The six second video length, ability to loop, and integration with Twitter help provide Vine’s value. We imagine the next iteration of Vine will swing the social video pendulum back in their direction.

Below are other links for the week. Check out our Tumblr for additional links and news.

  • Facebook made additional news by announcing that they’re updating their insights page. TechCrunch breaks down the news, which will be helpful for nonprofits trying to better assess their Facebook work.
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  • Giving USA released their Annual Report on Philanthropy this week. NPQ discusses some of the key findings.
  • HubSpot is teaming up with charity: water in an effort to transform nonprofit marketing and outreach.
  • #fundchat is a weekly conversation on Twitter where experts share and discuss topics related to nonprofit fundraising and marketing. This week’s topic? How to mobilize your volunteers

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