Weekly Roundup for January 4

Weekly Roundup for January 4

Happy 2013! We hope you had a relaxing, fun-filled, and productive holiday season. We’re back with some links from the last (few) weeks. If you’re looking for more great links, don’t forget to follow our Tumblr.

  • Did you follow the fiscal cliff proceedings or ignore them? Either way – NPQ breaks down what the new legislation means for nonprofit organizations. While this link is a bit dated, BBC did investigate the origins of the actual phrase “fiscal cliff” and how it came into our everyday vernacular.
  • Looking for better ways to engage a key sponsor? Harvard Business Review highlights some innovative ways to think differently about your top sponsors.
  • As the New Year begins, we’ll be seeing some previews of what’s to come. Mashable provides five social media business strategies that you’re likely to see and NPQ predicts changes in the nonprofit sector.
  • Google Analytics put together some amusing videos to show you what bad website searching practices look like in real life circumstances.
  • Do you plan on doing more writing this year? Lifehacker provides some nice tips on how to be a better editor for your own writing.
  • While this piece from Brad Feld is catering more towards tech start-ups, it’s great advice for non-profit organizations. Create small measurable experiments and often.

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