Weekly Roundup for December 14

Weekly Roundup for December 14

We hope you’ve had a nice week. Below are some news and opinion articles from the week that you might enjoy. Don’t forget to follow our Tumblr for other interesting links.

  • An interesting read about how customers referrals and the value for your business (or nonprofit).
  • What do you fear most about your job or workplace? HBR discusses how fear stifles innovation with some great data.
  • Based on data from Fortune 500 companies, Triple Pundit highlights some of the latest giving trends.
  • Read how Livestrong used social media to weather their recent public relations crisis.
  • Google+ announced some big changes. Mashable and TechCrunch break them down.
  • If your organization is considering a Kickstarter campaign, there is a new free Chrome extension that helps you manage your campaign.
  • Talk of taxes and the fiscal cliff dominate the news-cycle. NPQ breaks down the debate about the charitable deduction and what the different options might mean for your organization.
  • As we wrap up the year, several websites are beginning their 2013 preview articles. If you have time to peruse, LinkedIn provides a great series of articles promoting the Biggest Ideas of 2013. Meanwhile, Fast Company shared the 20 Tech Trends That Will Define 2013.

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