Can an Intern Run our Social Media?

Can an Intern Run our Social Media?

A question that has come up in some of our conversations with small nonprofits is what the value of social media is, and more directly, on whether an intern can run their social media campaigns. It’s a valid question and something to think about based on both staffing and budget constraints and the value the medium provides.

On the heels of these questions comes a polarizing article called “Why Every Social Media Manager Should Be Under 25.” Ignoring for a moment the age of the writer, the article does touch on the same points we have been addressing here at Social Change Consulting. – do age and experience matter when deciding who will run your social media?

Can an intern implement a social media campaign? Yes, but the quality of the product often depends on how much you invest in it. Social media should not be treated as a side project; it should be treated with the same importance as your other communication and marketing strategies. Would you use an intern to speak to the press on behalf of your organization? Would you use an intern to create your messaging? How about allowing an intern to manage the relationships with your most important donors?

Your social media and eCommunications represent your organization. It is often the first point of contact that prospective donors or volunteers have with your organization.

  • 55% of millennials prefer to learn about nonprofits through their social media.
  • 72% of millennials want to get information about nonprofits from email

Being fluent in the latest technology is one thing; knowing how to interact with an audience and create a lasting brand is another. Social media is the voice and personality for your organization. Are you funny? Do you inspire people? How often do you thank your volunteers and sponsors? It’s a constant voice and snapshot of your organization.

While it can be easy to assign an intern the task of keeping up with the latest and greatest social media platforms, representing your organization is an entirely different matter. Is it something than an intern can do? We are sure they can. But we decided to start Social Change Consulting because we know the value in this and wanted to help organizations change the way they communicate.


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