The buzziest of buzz words floating around both the corporate and nonprofit communities is “social media.” It is a term that means a lot of different things to nonprofit organizations. Social media is not just a new communications strategy, it is a platform for your organization to communicate and reinforce your goals, mission, and brand to your existing volunteer base and new constituents.

Social Change Consulting helps you elevate your ability to build relationships and further your overall marketing and communication goals through social media strategy. See below for why these forums have value, and the best ways to use each.

Best Practices for Small Nonprofits:

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What is the value of your email communication strategy? Is it something that is done because it is expected, or is effort being made to use it as an effective resource?  Unsubscription rates, click-through rates, action rates, and open rates provide valuable data points. Are you taking advantage of this type of data?

Social Change Consulting helps you find purpose in every communication point of contact and structure communication so that you are starting a dialogue between your organization and audience. See our PDF’s below for more information on how we can help transform your email marketing strategy into one that creates a meaningful conversation with your constituents.


Despite years of prevalence, most organizations are not seeing the full potential of online fundraising. Minimal data capture, lack of personalization, and limited ability to scale to a broader audience are all factors that hurt nonprofits in their fundraising efforts. Online fundraising can have immense value, but it is also important to pair your nonprofit’s fundraising goals and strategy with the right revenue generating platform.

Social Change Consulting helps you increase the impact of your online fundraising by helping your organization find the most effective ways segment your audience and capture more meaningful data. See our PDF’s below for more information on how we can strengthen your online fundraising campaigns.


How did you build relationships with your current constituent base? As staffing and resources have declined in recent years, the ability of an organization to provide quality face-to-face communication has become more challenging. The increase and emphasis in digital communication does not mean that you are losing the connection between constituent and organization. The goal and tenants of quality relationship management remain the same – the communication channel is the only variable.

Social Change Consulting helps you structure your online communication so that your volunteers will feel connected, engaged, and heard. We help you change communication strategies by segmenting your audience and structuring messages to create a personalized and appropriate relationship within varied groups.  Our goal is the same as your goal. We will help you build and fortify the relationship between organization and donor.   See our PDF’s below for more information on how to manage relationships in the digital space: