Four Questions to Help You Review Your Donor Thank You Autoresponder

Four Questions to Help You Review Your Donor Thank You Autoresponder

Four Questions to Help You Review Your Donor Thank You Autoresponder

As year-end giving quickly approaches, it is important to ensure that your online donation platform is being utilized most effectively. Below are four questions to consider when you’re evaluating content on your donor thank you autoresponder email.

Are you actually saying Thank You?

Thanking your constituents who donate seems obvious, but it can be overlooked. Say thank you early and often. Use this email effectively to express your gratitude – you can include a special note from your Executive Leadership, a key volunteers, or constituent that you serve.

Are you reinforcing the need?

Your donors are giving for a reason. The thank you autoresponder should illustrate the impact that their donation will have. Share a story, recent statistics, or link to an infographic that helps them understand how their contribution will be spent.

Does your donor know they’ll receive future emails?

Once this individual has made a donation they should be receiving future email communication from you. Ensure that they understand you will be communicating with them in the future. Mention that they’ll receive periodic updates so they know how their donation is being spent. Setting this expectation at the outset of your communication will help the donor know that they’re not being spammed.

Is there a secondary call-to-action?

If your donor opens the thank you email, it’s helpful to include a secondary call-to-action that they may be interested in. This could be connecting on social media, sharing their reason for donating, or learning more about upcoming volunteer opportunities. Cater the ask to meet your organizations needs – just ensure that you don’t ask them for a donation again!

We hope these four questions will help you strengthen your donation page. Another helpful link for your year-end planning is a blog post from earlier this year – we shared six tips to help strengthen your post-donation landing page.

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