Weekly Roundup – Giving Tuesday Messaging Strategy

Weekly Roundup – Giving Tuesday Messaging Strategy

The second Giving Tuesday has come and gone. Reports vary on the increased level of fundraising – but it is likely somewhere between 50 and 90%. As Giving Tuesday continues to grow, it’s important to start thinking about the impact that it will have on your organization.

How does Giving Tuesday fit into your messaging strategy? Anchored between Thanksgiving and the end of the year, messages must find a place between your recent message of gratitude and your planned messages for year-end gifts. This year, did your message encourage your supporters to give their funds or time for a particular reason or simply because it was Giving Tuesday?

Next year, as nonprofits continue to join the Giving Tuesday campaign, it will be important that your message is consistent and focused to breakthrough the increasing noise. Messages focused on ’Give because today is the day to give’ will not resonate with most audiences. Planning for that strategy can begin now. How did your open and opt-out rates compare to other messages? Did you Giving Comfort donors make year-end contributions last year? Do you have the capacity and time to track how it will affect their year-end giving this year? By evaluating this in the first quarter of 2014, you’ll be able to better structure your communication for the remainder of the year.

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