Weekly Roundup – Nonprofit Website Redesign

Weekly Roundup – Nonprofit Website Redesign

Website designs and make-overs are becoming easier and easier thanks to templates and outlines from popular services such as WordPress and Joomla. But before deciding on a new design, it is important to look at how people are currently using your website to understand what core tasks need to be highlighted in your future site refresh.

Guide Creative pulled together some great tips for those new to website design project management in the nonprofit space.

Their first tip, identifying your audience, is one that is true not only for website design, but all of your communications efforts. By understanding the wants and needs of your key segments, you will better be able to communicate with and offer support to those in need of your services.

The most important advice they give, though, is as it relates to how users are currently interacting with your site, highlighted here as “tasks.” By giving an in-depth review of what tasks your constituents are taking, and would need to take, on your site, your new website’s redesign will have a better chance at success.

Below are the links for the week. Check out our Tumblr for additional stories.

  • Good news for those nonprofits that are dependent on federated campaign as a key revenue source – the CDC deadline was extended due to government shutdown.
  • 30 Brilliant (but sometimes repetitive) bits of fundraising wisdom from The Agitator.
  • VolunteerMatch provides advice on how to strengthen volunteer recruitment during the holiday season.
  • Small online gifts can lead to greater engagement and expanding your donor database. Network for Good discusses the danger in dismissing slacktivists.
  • Facebook announced that they’ve expanded the custom audience targeting as part of their ad service. Social Media Today shares some details including a MailChimp feature.

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