Weekly Roundup – Keeping Website Content Fresh

Weekly Roundup – Keeping Website Content Fresh

Late last week the Chronicle of Philanthropy discussed the findings from the Millennial Impact report that found that 75% of young donors are turned off when a nonprofit’s website had not been updated recently.

Keeping website content fresh and current is a challenge for many small and mid-sized nonprofits. Organizations with limited staff and scarce resources often don’t have the infrastructure or time to update website content frequently.

It’s important to remember that keeping a website updated isn’t just to keep young donors happy. Supporters of every age find value in a relevant and thoughtful website. While millennials greatly prefer to contribute online, donors of all ages benefit from an easy to find donation page, content that addresses the impact of their gift, and shares recent organizational updates.

An advantage that many small and mid-sized nonprofits organizations have is their ability to act fluidly and quickly. If your nonprofit organization is refreshing website content or design, it’s critical to create a system in which your staff or volunteers can easily and immediately update content.

Below are more links to help guide you into the weekend. As always, follow us on Tumblr for updates throughout the week.

  • Social Media for Nonprofits is now NP Tech for Good. Here is their roundup of critical fundraising reports that every nonprofit should read.
  • Some smaller nonprofit use Vertical Response as their email marketing tool. The company announced that they sold their business to Deluxe.
  • Adnan Mahmud, co-founder of nonprofit Jolkona, shares thoughts on millennial giving on HuffPost’s Impact X blog.
  • Our friends at GoodSearch celebrated passing the $10m mark in donations to nonprofits by launching an online campaign for people to share how they define a daily good. Check out their Tumblr.
  • If you’re thinking of utilizing Tumblr for a new campaign, Mashable shares some tips.



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