Weekly Roundup for July 19

Weekly Roundup for July 19

We’ve spoken many times as to ways to communicate your mission to your audience, but an equally important task is how to describe your community as it relates to your mission.

NPQ put together an infographic from an online campaign in which they asked followers to describe their nonprofit community in just five words. They also highlighted some of their favorite results, which can be found at the bottom of the article.

How you describe the people you work with, work for, and work to help, is so important in crafting messaging around fundraising, community building, and brand awareness. If you only had five words – how would you describe your nonprofit’s community?

Below are more links to help guide you into the weekend. As always, follow us on Tumblr for updates throughout the week.

  • Mashable reports on two social media updates. Facebook rolled out another upgrade for brand pages as you can now reply to messages or comment using a photo. Tumblr added new (and returning) features to their dashboard.
  • Sage Software, one of the largest non-Blackbaud nonprofit fundraising and CRM software companies, is changing their name and increasing their staff size.
  • While Don Pepper’s article is focused on small business, his points about analyzing and creating a strategy that respects the long-term value of a customer is very applicable in the nonprofit sector.
  • Introducing Instagram web embeds – an opportunity for your nonprofit to highlight your Instagram account more prominently on your website.

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