Weekly Roundup – We Cannot Fundraise Alone

Weekly Roundup – We Cannot Fundraise Alone

Organizational commitment to social media, communication, and online fundraising are imperative for any strategy to be successful. And while fundraising has the easiest buy-in, it can still be a struggle to show the importance of certain strategies and avenues. Which leads to an interesting point – we cannot fundraise alone.

In detailing the ways that larger organizations struggle to prioritize fundraising, a key line jumps out,

“Before we can expect our organizations to be proud of us, we need to be proud of ourselves – at all times and without compromise.  Once our organizations are proud of us, then we can expect the public to be proud of us, too.”

The best fundraiser, the best campaigner, the best social media manager, even the best solicitor, is one that truly believes in the mission. They believe in their commitment to bringing in results. And they believe the impact that their work is having on their community. From the smallest nonprofit to national organizations, having a committed force behind your efforts is the very first, and arguably the most important, step needed to succeed.

Below are more links to help get your week started. As always, follow us on Tumblr for updates throughout the week.

  • Do you know how your $1 donation that you add on at the register is donated to the nonprofit?  Lucy Bernholz discusses the challenges with embedded giving.
  • The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports that donations rose 14 percent last year from 2011 and details some of the reasons for that increase.
  • Mashable reports that twice as many top brands have made the switched from Vine to Instagram Video.

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