Weekly Roundup – Creating Content Variety

Weekly Roundup – Creating Content Variety

Nonprofit organizations that are active in the social media space are often focused on increasing like counts, engagement metrics, and chasing the elusive virality. Deanna Zandt from Forbes wrote a great piece about writing a variety of content that speaks to all of your supporters.

When you assess the supporters that follow you on social media you’ll find that there is a wide spectrum of engagement and interest. Some individuals may have a passing interest in your cause and others are your most enthusiastic evangelists. The key to engaging everyone is to create a wide variety of content that may appeal to different interests. By creating diverse content you’re respecting the fact that your supporters have a wide range of interests.

As you work to communicate with a spectrum of supporters, not every message needs to have an actionable outcome. Posting the same message that encourages people to sign up for your event several times a week, isn’t actually reaching anyone. How do you break free of staid and generic updates?

Find your puppies and kittens – As the Forbes article suggests, most nonprofit organizations have an emotional hook that inspires their supporters. Ensure that you’re sharing the positive impact you have and try to do so in a heartwarming way. A simple photo or quote can strengthen your supporter’s emotional connection to your cause.

Behind the scenes at the office – Some people love knowing what is happening behind the scenes. Share an amusing photo from the office or a nice story of something that happened to one of your staff members. These posts help remind individuals that there are caring people driving the organization forward.

Utilize pop culture – Don’t be afraid of memes and pop culture references. The San Francisco Opera recently shared a blog post comparing Arrested Development to the Opera and utilized the Ryan Gosling ‘Hey girl’ meme to promote ticket sales. While a pop culture reference may be lost on some, it can really appeal and engage a strong percentage of your followers.

Share the things that inspire you – If you read something that inspires you, chances are it will have the impact on some of your followers. Share the things that you find meaningful and inspirational.

Below are other links for the week. Check out our Tumblr for additional links and news.

  • If your nonprofit is based in or near the San Francisco Bay Area, then be sure to check out the Nonprofit Boot Camp and Social Media for Nonprofits on 6/12-13 in Mountain View. There is a great lineup of speakers including Beth Kanter, Mitch & Freada Kapor, Kay Sprinkel Grace, Jan Masaoka, LinkedIn’s Meg Garlinghouse, and VolunteerMatch’s Greg Baldwin. If you are interested in attending, save $20 on your registration by using the “Change” discount code.
  • A new start-up is attempting to change the way you pay for cellphones; an interesting piece that might just make your donor base more mobile.
  • Even the smallest nonprofits might have its detractors – be safe and follow these important steps when setting up passwords and account information for your organization’s social media.
  • Stanford Social Innovation Review provides a few important conclusions from the data from the recent Nonprofit Finance Fund’s 2013 State of the Sector Survey

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