Weekly Roundup – Nonprofit Collaboration

Weekly Roundup – Nonprofit Collaboration

The Foundation Center recently released a searchable database and map of nonprofit organizations collaborating in the US. It is a great resource for anyone looking for real-life examples and best practices on how nonprofit organizations can work better together. All nonprofit collaborations on the site were collected during collaboration contests over the last few years and include background information, strategic statements, leadership profiles, and more information helpful to know how these organizations got these official relationships off the ground.

But nonprofit collaboration can be simpler than that while still having great effects on organizational and community impact. From sharing another organization’s content on social media, to sponsoring a like-minded organization’s special event, to co-sponsoring a bill or amendment with a nonprofit with similar goals, nonprofits can utilize their audience base and reach new constituents by connecting with other nonprofits. And reaching more people, having a greater impact, and spreading their message to a wider audience is what all nonprofits hope to accomplish while executing their mission.

Now – some links from this past week.

  • An article from our allies across the pond – is it concerning that nonprofits are only now taking a deeper look into data?
  • Google announced that they are going to phase out Google Checkout and use Google Wallet instead, which is relevant to nonprofits using YouTube’s giving program.
  • Eventility put together a handy infographic that highlights some ways that nonprofits can use social media to help their special events.

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