Weekly Roundup for March 1

Weekly Roundup for March 1

We hope you’ve had an enjoyable week. Below are articles that you may enjoy. Don’t forget to check out our Tumblr if you would like to follow more content throughout the week.

  • NPQ delivers two interesting pieces this week. They have a nice piece about some of the reasons that online outreach and development initiatives fail and an article about the importance of making decisions based on facts.
  • Samsung and Visa’s partnership is a nice development for mobile payments and could help lead to new ways for nonprofit organizations to collect donations at events.
  • Inc. created a nice overview of different opportunities for your organization to advertise on social media.
  • We’ve posted this before, but as a reminder, check out the YouTube For Good Playbook for tips and tricks for nonprofits using YouTube.
  • From SSIR, with the threat of a sequester looming, the charitable sector risks being boxed in.
  • It can be challenging for small nonprofits to get quality cost-effective legal advice. TechCrunch provides an overview of Avvo, an online legal review website. While the start-up is initially only offering traffic ticket and divorce markets, future segments may be of help for cash-strapped nonprofits.

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