Weekly Roundup for February 8

Weekly Roundup for February 8

Happy Friday! We hope your week has gone well. Below are compiled links with news you may find relevant. Don’t forget to follow our Tumblr for more links. Have a nice weekend.

  • Bill Shore’s blog post on HBR is a thoughtful and insightful post that delves into how nonprofit organizations state their goal and determine how will they know when they have accomplished their mission.
  • Mashable asks the question – when will the rest of us get Google Fiber?
  • Network For Good updates their Giving Index every quarter. They recently published their data for year-end 2012 and it provides some interesting data and trends.
  • How are you really using your email inbox? The buzz around email systems and apps this week is MailBox, Orchestra’s attempt to fix the email time drain.
  • While geared towards small business, this Inc. piece is helpful for nonprofit organizations – some things to consider on whether you need a mobile app.

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