Weekly Roundup January 11

Weekly Roundup January 11

Happy Friday. Below are some links from the week that we thought you might find interesting. Don’t forget to check out our Tumblr for more ongoing news.

  • As 2013 continues, so do the previews of the year to come. NPQ highlights five innovators who will help shape the nonprofit industry this year, while Mashable shares five trends that entrepreneurs (and small organizations and foundations) will see this year.
  • We’ve discussed the importance of data and evaluation several times in this space. Steve Mariotti tackles the subject based on his experience with Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship in a long-form piece.
  • In an interesting advocacy and technology new item, Causes acquired Votizen to combine the tools of their digital products.
  • Good.Is provides an article on how you can help re-brand your neighborhood – it’s a thoughful design/community engagement piece.

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