Weekly Roundup for November 30

Weekly Roundup for November 30

We hope you had a nice week. Below are some articles that we thought you might like. Don’t forget to follow our Tumblr for more frequent updates!

  • We hear a lot about the challenges that small nonprofits face when trying to manage their data. NPQ has a quick article on the importance of data and a few options for your nonprofit to consider.
  • We’ve been pretty fortunate to have some great professional allies and acquaintances as we started our business. Reid Hoffman writes about each group and their value.
  • A lot of Inc.’s content is catered towards small business and entrepreneurs, but some of the information is helpful for small nonprofit organizations. This week they provided some tips on how to time your organization’s’ Facebook posts and things to avoid or improve for your Google AdWords campaign.
  • While the political campaigns have ended, the analysis of their outreach efforts is just beginning. Businessweek takes you behind the scenes on what made Obama’s email campaign such a success.
  • Email etiquette is growing increasingly important (and difficult to maintain) in our smartphone emailing world. While it’s often imperative to reply all so that everyone on your project is in the loop, Mashable provides some pointers on avoiding a ‘reply all’ catastrophe while Lifehacker passes along tips on how to avoid lengthy emails.

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