Weekly Roundup for November 16

Weekly Roundup for November 16

Happy Friday! We hope you’re looking forward to a nice weekend. Below are links that you might enjoy. As always, you can follow our Tumblr for more frequent updates.

  • The 2012 year-end giving season is going to be even harder for nonprofit organizations. US News breaks down a few of the reasons. While nonprofits do not have control over some of these factors (Sandy, election, increased demands) they can adjust for the fifth item on the list. It is increasingly important and something we’ve spoken about several times.
  • Charity Dynamics and NTEN just released the 2012 Nonprofit Donor Engagement Report – you can find it here. One of the key take-aways? Engaging with current donors is just as (if not more) important than gaining new ones.
  • Another sign of the changing media landscape – Google makes more on Ad Revenue than all U.S. print publications combined.
  • Microsoft announced that it was drastically cutting the price of Yammer signaling how important social is to their new strategy.
  • A great Lifehacker article on the importance of being direct. Good advice for everyone.
  • Are you ready to inflict joy? Elluva is launching a marketing campaign in the start-up community aimed at social responsibility.
  • While this piece was intended for start-ups, there are some great tips for staff who work at nonprofit organizations. Being able to pitch your charity in two minutes is increasingly important for networking.

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