Weekly Roundup for October 27

Weekly Roundup for October 27

Some fresh links for your enjoyment. As always, check out our Tumblr for additional fun links.

  • This is an interesting and inspiring read about 20 nonprofits that were started by students.
  • Salsa Labs has a platform that a lot of nonprofit organizations use. NPQ looks into the reasons and impact of their recent firing of their CEO and Co-founder.
  • Do you do a lot of presentations for your organization? Here are some tips on things to avoid saying.
  • We’ve yet to determine the impact that Windows 8 will have on the nonprofit and tech marketplace, but it certainly appears that this launch is critical to Microsoft’s long-term strategy.
  • We know a few nonprofits that use Eventbrite as an online registration and ticketing tool. We’re curious to see how their new perk package might strengthen their business.
  • Inc provides a short article about five ways to stay calm in a crisis. Always a good thing to read.
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