Weekly Roundup for October 12

Weekly Roundup for October 12

Happy Friday!  Links below, and as always, check out our Tumblr throughout the week for more fun news.

  • TechCrunch provides information on a new site StoryLane, which allows users to provide in-depth personal stories.
  • An interesting read about private research software firm Qualtrics attempt to make all of their business performance entirely transparent. Something to keep in mind as small nonprofit organizations track and push for growth.
  • The idea behind “Dark Social” is extremely important to anyone interested in website traffic analytics – if that sentence didn’t bore you to death, the article basically explains how a majority of website traffic is from untraceable origins.
  • Coffee is pretty important for us and this infographic about the national reach of Starbucks was fascinating.
  • Inc has a story highlighting the importance of creating a community within social media, not just talking to a crowd.
  • We’re always fans of a good viral video around here at Social Change Consulting, and this one is definitely fantastic – first world problems; funny internet meme, or distraction from something bigger?

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