Weekly Roundup for September 21

Weekly Roundup for September 21

The hits keep on coming and we’re back for another week of links.  Don’t forget to check out our Tumblr for up-to-date links throughout the week.

  • We’ve touted the benefits of LinkedIn for Nonprofits on our site before – here is their newest feature, called Board Connect.
  • Video site Vimeo is using a new method to drive profits for their content creators – a tip jar. Could this be used for nonprofits down the line?
  • Kickstarter made some waves this week after they changed some of their policies. We’ll be monitoring to see how this might affect nonprofit organizations.
  • Lots of updates on our Twitter feeds the last few weeks have included the Chase Community Giving contest – the experts over at Philanthropy ask the question, are these contests even worth it?
  • How do you convey the long-term value of your donations? It’s an interesting question to think about, as this article uses a real life example from the organization Women with Drive.
  • LifeHacker provides an overview of the science behind what motivates us to get up and work each day.

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