Weekly Roundup for August 24

Weekly Roundup for August 24

Another busy week around the web – check out some of our favorite stories on our Scoop.it or see below.

  • Very detailed overview of how America, and individual states, give to charities.
  • Tired of the same old webinars on social media? So are we. As we prepare to have one of our own, we’ll definitely be stealing advice from this great piece.
  • An interesting story following two nonprofits who utilized their already strong social networks to have a successful fundraising blitz.
  • For those looking for a reason as to why their eNewsletters aren’t passing through spam protection, check out this list of ultimate spam trigger words.
  • For those that love logos and graphic design, this piece looks at 20 companies and how their current logo compares to their first logo.
  • Are you trying to get more focused in the morning? Is that second cup of coffee not enough? This is a quick run-down for some tips on how to make your first hour of work have more impact.
  • What impact does an art education have on altruism in children? As it turns out – quite a bit.
  • And finally, a little local success story on how even the smallest of fundraisers can truly have an impact.

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