Weekly Roundup for July 20

Weekly Roundup for July 20

To help bring some levity to an otherwise somber news day, here is our weekly roundup of links from around the web. To see them all in one place, check out our Scoop.It.

  • This week has been a buzz in the Bay Area behind the news of Marissa Mayer being named CEO of Yahoo! Here is an interview she gave with Gavin Newsom on the benefits of failure being necessary to success.
  • A quick look at the steps needed to plan, build, and execute a successful nonprofit website.
  • Quora is a great resources we oftentimes turn to here at Social Change Consulting. Here is an interesting question and answer session on why nonprofits struggle to grow.
  • Do emails or articles that overuse exclamation points annoy you?!?! They annoy us too!!!!! Unless you’re being sarcastic! Ragan’s PR daily provides some exclamation point etiquette.
  • Technically this came out last week, but we thought it was interesting. Both Presidential campaigns are breaking a lot of golden rules of email. And it seems to be working for them.
  • An interesting infographic on the Oreo’s support of Gay Pride week and the impact it had on their social media.
  • Laura, a good friend of Social Change Consulting, just started a blog with Microsoft Excel and Word tips. Do you want to be more efficient? Then check out her blog, The Laziest Employee
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