Weekly Roundup for June 22

Weekly Roundup for June 22

We’re going to do our best to pull together a collection of the things we’re reading throughout the week.

Below are links to different articles that we found interesting. If you would like to view them in a magazine format, visit our Scoop.it page.

  • While the article is lacking in describing its data sample and methodology, it does at least make you wonder if there are better ways to address cold and outreach emails. For anyone who has had to market themselves electronically – a worthy read to at least get you thinking.
  • Anyone active in the tech community in San Francisco can agree on two things – there are a lot of smart people with amazing ideas out there, and that our municipal system can’t keep up with the changing times. What’s the result? Check out how some hackers are taking their talents to help those in the streets.
  • For those of us always interested in being the first to send friends new links, this website lets you know how old it really is. Don’t worry – the Social Change Consulting site is still “Mad Fresh.”
  • Want to know if a Wikipedia page has been edited lately? Or if the page seems to draw a lot of “unique” editors? Wikistats combs the site to see who has been editing, what the edits were, and how often the edits are made. Fascinating stuff for those who have wondered where a random tidbit that seems too good to be true comes from on Wikipedia.
  • Any nonprofit that has tried to open up an online store to sell merchandise has likely run into a myriad a problems – thankfully, there is Goodsie. No HTML or coding experience required, email marketing included, and lots of branding options to match your overall message. Definitely check it out.
  • With so many new social media sites and a never ending need for different sized images, one thing that has been missing on the landscape is an easy tool to crop your pictures. That’s where Cropp.me comes in.
  • Are you arriving late to the Pinterest party? Here are some great ideas on how to maximize your SEO on Pinterest.
  • While Instagram is helpful for making every photo look like it was taken at sunrise, it’s also a great tool for helping your organization have an accessible visual identity. This is a Mashable collection of good Instagram accounts from npos.
  • Fast Company offers a slideshow of 15 hot-bed tech scenes in cities that you wouldn’t expect from Fast Company. One of our favorite cities – Oakland – makes the list.
  • INC shared a really interesting collection of responses from the “Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council”. They answer the question: “What’s your best tip for staying on task in a busy start-up?” Great ideas to keep you focused!
  • Anika says:

    I like that you highlighted the work of Creative Currency. Volunteer software engineers can come up with some really creative solutions for nonprofits. Another organization like this is Random Hacks of Kindness (http://www.rhok.org/). They have 2 day hackathons all over the world and even hosted one in SF last month, leading to some very cool apps and tech solutions.

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