Social Media How-To Guides for Nonprofits

Social Media How-To Guides for Nonprofits

Our Resources page has been our one-stop shop for any and all things related to social media, online communications, fundraising, and relationship management. Today it is getting even better.We are starting a new series of how-to guides, now in PDF format, but soon to be YouTube videos. First up – how to create a Facebook page for your organization, with other social media tools to follow. Down the line, we hope to conduct webinars and post podcasts with prominent members of the nonprofit, social media, and fundraising communities.

We know budgets are tight around the nonprofit arena, and in an effort to bring as much value to our constituents as possible, we are offering these services and instructions to our audience outside of the specialized work we provide NPO’s. We hope you find these tools useful as you traverse the crowded social media arena.

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