Having a Backup Plan

Having a Backup Plan

We had a bit of an emergency here at Social Change Consulting this week – water damage ruined one of our laptop computers. As a new organization, similar to small nonprofits, we are faced with limited resources, so an accident of this magnitude could have had a major impact. Luckily for us, we had several backup plans in place, and our hard work has been able to continue without a hitch.Nonprofits sometimes do not have this luxury. Whether it is a matter of technological resources, or simply an issue of financial solvency, nonprofits need to prioritize the strategy behind their own backup plans in order to continue to do their amazing work in their communities.

Some organizations have become too reliant on one form of income, living donation to donation or grant to grant with few alternatives for additional income. Others have little in the way of liquid assets and run the risk of failing if income doesn’t come in as expected. While strategizing for this formidable future can seem daunting when the day to day tasks are ever pressing, taking the time to plan how to stay afloat if the worst were to happen will add greater peace of mind down the road.

Accidents happen. Things break. Money is lost. But the best thing you can do to help prevent these situations from turning into a disaster – plan ahead.

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