#FF & Outdated Social Media Strategy

#FF & Outdated Social Media Strategy

Social Media has moved beyond that status of buzzword into a full on business titan. With Yelp’s public offering today, and Facebook’s looming around the corner, the idea of Social Media being simply a passing fad is extremely antiquated. Unfortunately, so is most of the common advice you’d find online looking for advice on Social Media strategy.

If an advice column on Social Media is more than six months old, it is likely outdated. New updates/roll-outs to these sites are happening at such a frequent rate, with massive changes to the content/layout on a site, that what was once a gem of an idea to drive greater traffic is now not supported by the new features.

New sites & start-ups/apps come along frequently, as well, making it difficult to keep up. On top of that, the app/website of the moment may just be a flash in the pan that will ultimately be a waste of your resources.

So how do you stay on top of it all? Follow the right people. It’s “Follow Friday” in the Twitter universe, so take a moment to update yourself & your strategy:


Social Media doesn’t have to be intimidating – take the time to learn the basics and keep an eye out for this blog for more features & updates in the future.

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